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In the dynamic world of the automobile industry, technological innovations are continuously pushing the boundaries of efficiency and performance of the sector. At Krish Carbon, our commitment to innovation drives us to the forefront of the industry, and we are proud to lead the way in the development and application of carbon rotors and vanes in electric vacuum pumps and carbon bushes in coolant pumps.

Rotors & Vanes For Vacuum Pumps

We believe that integrating carbon rotors and vanes in electric vacuum pumps represents a significant milestone in automobile engineering. Our carbon-based components are poised to elevate the function of modern vehicles, which increases the prominent role in shaping the future of mobility. Automobile central pneumatic systems, brake servo and pneumatic tensioning devices are the industry applications of our specific graded carbon rotors and vanes. At Krish Carbon, every component is precisely designed and enhanced to meet stringent standards of reliability and durability. Our Carbon rotors and vanes represent a pinnacle of this precision, which offers a host of technical advantages throughout the automotive sector.

Temperature resistance: Krish Carbon rotors and vanes have an exceptional heat resistance property, which makes them an ideal choice for high-temperature environments in automotive systems. Our standard quality ensures consistent performance even under extreme operating conditions, safeguarding critical functions such as braking and engine management.

Friction reduction: Our precision-engineered carbon vanes have low friction properties that minimise heat generation and maximise efficiency. Whether in passenger vehicles, commercial trucks or electric vehicles. Krish Carbon’s carbon rotors and vanes set the standard for excellence in electric vacuum pump technology.

Bushes / Radial Bearings

Krish Carbon understands that coolant pumps are crucial in regulating engine temperature and ensuring optimal thermal management within the vehicle’s cooling system. Many coolant pumps undergo issues like overheating, corrosion and premature wear. KCPL brings game-changing carbon bushes to resolve this issue. Krish Carbon bushes represent just one example of the countless innovations shaping the vehicles of tomorrow. Our advancements in manufacturing techniques have further enhanced the performance of carbon bushes in Coolant pumps.

Self-lubricating Property: Our Carbon bushes possess a self-lubricating property that reduces the need for maintenance and enhances reliability over extended use time. Our specific graded carbon bushes also exhibit low friction characteristics, which optimises the performance of the coolant pump by minimising energy loss.

Corrosion resistance: Krish Carbon bushes offer excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability even in challenging operating conditions. Our Carbon bushes also provide exceptional heat resistance to withstand the harshness of engine operation.

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