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Carbon Blanks & Blocks

At Krish Carbon, we specialise in providing top-quality carbon blanks and blocks, including options that are resin-impregnated and metal-impregnated. These products are tailored for industries requiring robust and efficient materials that exhibit enhanced mechanical strength, superior thermal and electrical conductivity. Whether for use in high-stress environments or in applications demanding precise energy transmission, Krish Carbon’s carbon blanks and blocks stand out as the preferred choice for achieving optimal performance and reliability.

Resin Impregnated Carbon:

Enhanced Durability: Our resin-impregnated carbon provides increased mechanical strength, ensuring longevity in demanding applications.

Electrical Performance: We enhance the electrical conductivity of our carbon, making it ideal for components in electrical systems that require efficient energy transfer.

Metal Impregnated Carbon:

Improved Conductivity: At Krish Carbon, we use metal additives like copper or silver to boost thermal and electrical conductivity, essential for applications needing quick heat dissipation.

Robust Structure: Our metal-impregnated carbon offers greater structural integrity, supporting more rigorous operational demands in high-load environments.

Krish Carbon is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of material science to provide products that not only meet but exceed the performance expectations in various industrial sectors. Our advanced impregnation techniques ensure that our carbon blanks and blocks are of the highest quality, offering reliable and effective solutions across a range of applications.

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