Krish Carbon

Submersible Motors

At Krish Carbon, we leverage extensive expertise in carbon technology to engineer components crucial for submersible motors, recognised for their ability to operate efficiently under water. Our proficiency in developing high-quality carbon and graphite materials allows us to produce bearings and bushes that excel in durability, corrosion resistance and thermal management. These properties are vital for ensuring the longevity and reliability of submersible motors used in water wells, industrial pumps and other underwater applications.

Carbon Bush / Radial Bearing

Krish Carbon also offers carbon bushes that play a pivotal role in submersible motor applications. These bushes are designed for optimal performance in harsh underwater environments, providing excellent resistance to wear and thermal shock.

Material Excellence: Made from superior carbon and graphite materials, our carbon bushes ensure minimal wear and long service life.

Custom Solutions: We provide custom-designed carbon bushes that perfectly fit the specific operational needs of each motor, enhancing overall performance and durability.

Thrust Bearings

At Krish Carbon, we specialise in manufacturing high-performance thrust pads. Our thrust bearings are crucial for managing the immense loads these motors endure, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Material Options: We offer thrust bearing in both resin-impregnated and metal-impregnated forms to cater to diverse operational needs.

Load Handling: Our bearings are designed to support submersible motors ranging from 0.5 HP to 200 HP, capable of managing thrust loads from 5kN to 100kN.

Advanced Design: Incorporating high-hardened, lapped and polished stainless steel segments, our thrust bearings provide extended durability and superior performance.

From thrust bearings to radial bearings and carbon bushes, each product is engineered to enhance operational efficiency and durability in demanding underwater environments. Our precision in design and custom solutions ensure that every component not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our clients across various industries. 

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