Krish Carbon

Thrust Bearings

  • Thrust bearings play a critical role in machinery by managing axial loads, ensuring smooth rotation, and minimising wear. 
  • Available in diverse forms like ball, roller, and fluid, they cater to varied operational needs. 
  • Advanced designs incorporate materials such as high-hardened stainless steel, enhancing durability and performance in demanding environments. 
  • Trusted across industries, thrust bearings exemplify precision engineering, optimising machinery efficiency and reliability. 
  • Their ability to handle substantial loads, ranging from 5kN to 100kN, underscores their importance in supporting motors from 0.5 HP to 200 HP. 


Krish carbon thrust bearings are made to last and perform precisely. They are crafted from advanced carbon materials that offer exceptional strength and wear resistance. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty operations that require smooth and efficient performance. Krish bearings are also reliable in high-speed applications, reducing friction and providing dependable operation. They require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for many industries. Experience the power of Krish carbon thrust bearings for unmatched efficiency and reliability.

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