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Pumps & Compressor

At Krish Carbon, we specialise in developing advanced carbon technology to enhance the performance and durability of industrial machinery. Our expertly engineered products such as, Carbon Segmented Rings and Metal Clad Carbon Rings are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of applications such as submersible motors, rotating shafts and high-speed sealing environments.

Metal Clad Carbon Rings

Our Metal Clad Carbon Rings combine the resilience of carbon-graphite with the robustness of metal encasements, making them ideal for gap ring seals in high-speed applications where excessive heating and wear are concerns.

Material Composition: We create individually tailored graphite and carbon-graphite composites for optimal performance.

High Dimensional Stability and Dry-Running Capability: Our rings ensure reliable sealing even under the most challenging conditions.

Customised Expansion Coefficients: We engineer our rings to allow for the smallest possible gap between the shaft and seal ring, minimising leakage and enhancing efficiency.

At Krish Carbon, we are dedicated to delivering superior performance and reliability through our Carbon Segmented Rings and Metal Clad Carbon Rings. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring optimal functionality and long-term benefits across various industries.

Carbon Bush / Radial Bearing

Krish Carbon also offers carbon bushes that play a pivotal role in submersible motor applications. These bushes are designed for optimal performance in harsh underwater environments, providing excellent resistance to wear and thermal shock.

Material Excellence: Made from superior carbon and graphite materials, our carbon bushes ensure minimal wear and long service life.

Custom Solutions: We provide custom-designed carbon bushes that perfectly fit the specific operational needs of each motor, enhancing overall performance and durability.

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