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White Goods Appliances

At Krish Carbon, our bushes are designed to enhance the performance and reliability of pump systems. Made from high-quality carbon materials, our bushes offer excellent wear resistance and low friction properties, which are crucial for maintaining the efficiency in various applications. Our bushes are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in pump operations, providing a durable solution that minimises maintenance needs and extends the operational lifespan of the equipment.

Bushes/ Radial Bearings

Superior Wear Resistance: Constructed from premium carbon composites, Krish Carbon bushes exhibit remarkable durability, significantly reducing wear and tear even under rigorous operational stresses.

Optimised Friction Coefficients: These bushes are engineered to maintain exceptionally low friction levels, which enhances the overall energy efficiency and reduces thermal buildup within pump systems.

Enhanced Thermal Conductivity: Krish Carbon bushes effectively manage heat dissipation, ensuring stable performance across diverse temperature ranges and operational scenarios.

Reduced Maintenance Needs: The robust material properties and design of our bushes extend their lifespan and decrease the frequency of maintenance cycles, contributing to lower operational costs and improved reliability.

At Krish Carbon, our commitment to enhancing white goods appliances through advanced carbon technology has led to the development of exceptional components that ensure longevity and efficiency. From the precise electrical conduction in dishwasher motors to the robust performance, our products are tailored to meet the demands of modern appliances.

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