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Sealing Industry

In the realm of process pumps, mechanical seals are essential for efficient operations across a range of industries, including chemical processing and wastewater treatment. These seals serve as vital protectors of pump integrity by preventing leaks and ensuring seamless functionality. At the forefront of this critical component is Krish Carbon, a pioneering force that is reshaping the sealing industry with its innovative carbon products. Our seals not only offer durability and reliability but also represent a sustainable choice for pump operators, aligning with environmental and operational goals. Additionally, our portfolio includes resin and metal-impregnated carbon products, enhancing their performance and suitability for diverse applications.

Sealing Rings

Leakage protection: Krish Carbon mechanical seals are meticulously crafted to assure optimal contact and minimal leakage even under high pressures and speeds. The importance of our mechanical seals reverberates across various industries, from chemical processing to oil and gas production. In these sectors, the failure of a mechanical seal can lead to catastrophic consequences, including fluid leakage, equipment damage and downtime. Based on our technical expertise, the design of Krish Carbon mechanical seals involves intricate effort that provides optimal contact and minimal leakage, even at high pressures and speeds.

Versatility: Starting from centrifugal pumps to submersible pumps, Krish Carbon seals are well suitable for all types of pumps and fluid types. Our carbon seal rings ensure consistent contact pressure between the seal faces of effective sealing. 

Durability: At Krish Carbon, you can rely on the extended service life due to wear-resistant materials. Our carbon products offer superior tribological properties, reducing friction and wear between sealing surfaces, making it a sustainable choice for pump operators. 

Low maintenance: Advancements in sensor technology and data analytics enable predictive maintenance of mechanical seals by monitoring parameters such as temperature, vibration, and leakage, allowing operators to proactively identify potential issues and schedule maintenance activities, thereby minimising downtime and optimising equipment performance.

Segmental Rings

Our Carbon Segmented Rings are available as Contact Seals, Contact-Free Seals and Grooved Split Seals and are designed for both rotating shafts and linear motion pistons. We customise these multi-segmented rings based on shaft diameter and specific operational requirements.

Piston Rod Seals: Our seals enhance the sealing of linear movements with overlapping segments that are securely held by pins or springs.

Labyrinth Seals: Our self-lubricating carbon materials prevent damage during start-up phases, allowing for smaller gap sizes and shorter seal lengths compared to metal seals.

Krish Carbon offers mechanical seals and a choice of grades tailored to your specific load requirements. Traditional seals often use materials like ceramics, metals, or elastomers, each with its own set of limitations. However, Krish Carbon stands out by offering advanced carbon products that surpass conventional options in performance and durability.

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