Krish Carbon

Segmented Rings

  • Our Carbon Segmented Rings offer versatile sealing solutions for various applications, including Piston Rod and Labyrinth Seals.
  •  Engineered for rotating shafts and linear motion pistons, they come in Contact Seals, Contact-Free Seals, and Grooved Split Seals configurations. 
  • Customised to match shaft diameter and specific operational needs, these multi-segmented rings enhance sealing efficiency. 


Krish Carbon Segmental Rings are designed to be both strong and flexible. They are resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance. These rings are modular, which means they can fit seamlessly into various applications, whether they’re used in industrial settings or architectural projects. Krish Carbon Segmental Rings are at the forefront, providing innovation and reliability.

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