Krish Carbon

Sealing Rings

  • Seal rings are indispensable components in process pumps, safeguarding against leakage and ensuring seamless operations in industries from chemical processing to oil and gas production. 
  • Krish Carbon leads the charge with its innovative carbon products, offering unparalleled performance and durability. 
  • With meticulous design ensuring optimal contact and minimal leakage even under extreme conditions, Krish Carbon seals excel in versatility, catering to various pump types and fluid compositions. 
  • Their durability, attributed to wear-resistant materials and superior tribological properties, guarantees extended service life, while advancements in predictive maintenance technology minimise downtime, optimising overall equipment performance and reliability.


Krish Carbon offers high-performance carbon seal rings, custom-engineered for effective sealing of fluids and gases. These rings are self-lubricating, perform well under high pressure and resist wear, corrosion and thermal shock. Available in various grades compliant with WRAS, Sqts and TUV standards, we also provide multiple impregnation options such as resin and metal to meet specific operational needs.

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