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Valve Application

At Krish Carbon, we recognise the critical importance of carbon materials in numerous industries. Our premium Carbon Bushes and Discs are expertly designed for valve applications, aimed at boosting the performance and durability of valves in challenging environments. The advanced sealing solutions offered by Krish Carbon adhere to strict quality standards, negating the need for external lubricants and minimising contamination risks. This makes our products the perfect choice for valve applications that demand high reliability and efficiency.

Carbon Discs

Our Carbon discs are engineered to the highest standards, offering exceptional reliability and durability in challenging operating conditions. To optimise valve performance and prevent costly downtime, our carbon discs ensure leak-free sealing. 

Sealing performance: The sealing capability of our carbon discs is excellent, and they maintain leak tightness even under high pressure and temperature. This conforms to the irregularities in sealing surfaces, providing reliable performance and minimising fluid or gas loss.

Chemical resistance: We know that in challenging, corrosive environments, valves must withstand exposure to aggressive chemicals. Our custom-built Carbon discs offer excellent chemical resistance, safeguarding against degradation and maintaining sealing integrity over a long period.

Compatibility: We understand that sometimes, valve applications require rapid opening and closing cycles. Our Carbon discs can withstand high-speed operations without compromising sealing performance, ensuring efficient and responsive valve functionality.


Our Carbon Bushes are tailored to withstand high temperatures and harsh operating environments, providing consistent performance over a long period. The presence of a low friction coefficient and excellent self-lubricating property in our carbon bushes reduces the wear and tear on valve components, which results in increased operational efficiency.

Material composition: Our carbon bushes are formulated with high-quality carbon fibres, graphite, and resin binders procured from the best sources in western world. This composite structure, which undergoes in-process quality checks, ensures excellent mechanical strength, low friction and high temperatures.

Self-lubricating properties: Modern-tested Carbon bushes have inherent lubricating properties, which reduce the friction between the shaft and housing. This inbuilt property of our Krish Carbon Bushes reduces energy consumption and prevents premature wear, which increases valve lifespan.

Thermal conductivity: Our Carbon bushes dissipate heat generated during valve operation, preventing high temperatures and maintaining optimal performance under critical conditions of valve application.

Whether in industrial processes, petrochemical plants, power generation facilities or pharmaceutical industries, our carbon bushes and discs are trusted to deliver high performance and reliability. From control valves, globe valves and gate valves to butterfly valves and ball valves, our products serve wide-ranging applications in various valve systems.

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