Krish Carbon

Vacuum Pumps

Our resin bonded and resin impregnated bearings are suitable for both wet and dry operations, offer exceptional load-bearing capabilities and require zero maintenance, epitomising high-performance with tailored solutions for any specific application needs.

Carbon Vanes

Krish Carbon’s carbon vanes display cutting-edge innovation in trending technology, delivering superior performance across various applications.

Engineered to perfection, these vanes boast low friction properties, minimising heat generation and maximising operational efficiency.

Whether deployed in passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, or electric vehicles, Krish Carbon’s carbon vanes set the benchmark for excellence, enhancing the functionality and reliability of pneumatic systems.

With their unmatched precision and durability, Krish Carbon’s carbon vanes ensure optimal performance in the evolving industrial landscape.

Whether used in industrial processes, petrochemical plants, power generation facilities or pharmaceutical industries, Krish Carbon’s carbon vanes are trusted to enhance system integrity and efficiency. Our solutions are crucial for a variety of applications, from piston rod seals in hydraulic systems to labyrinth seals in rotary equipment, ensuring that our products meet the diverse needs of various sealing systems.

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