Krish Carbon

Metal Clad

  • Krish Carbon’s Metal Clad reflects innovation, blending carbon-graphite resilience with metal encasements for unparalleled performance.
  • Engineered with precision, these clads boast tailor-made compositions, ensuring optimal functionality even in high-speed environments fraught with heating and wear challenges.
  • With high dimensional stability and dry-running capabilities, they guarantee steadfast sealing under the most demanding conditions while customised expansion coefficients minimise leakage, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Moreover, their durability and break-proof construction make them indispensable for high-speed applications where mechanical integrity is paramount.


Krish Carbon thrust bearings, specifically designed with Metal Cladding, are built for lasting performance and precision. Crafted from advanced carbon materials, they offer exceptional strength and wear resistance. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty operations that require smooth and efficient performance. Krish bearings excel in high-speed applications as well, minimising friction and delivering dependable operation. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, which translates to a cost-effective choice for many industries. Experience the power of Krish Carbon thrust bearings for unmatched efficiency and reliability in your machinery.

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