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Power Generation

Be it, steam turbines or Hydropower turbines, they rely on products that always perform the best, even under demanding climatic conditions. Krish Carbon’s Segmental rings have all those outstanding features which provide innovative solutions that elevate turbine efficiency and reliability. Our Carbon products have redefined the power generation industry by providing innovative solutions to ensure optimal performance.

Segmented Rings

Krish Carbon Segmental rings, tested according to stringent standards, serve a crucial role in steam turbines by sealing the labyrinthine passages through which steam flows. Our Carbon Segmental rings can impress you with high-performance carbon fibres and advanced resin matrices that boast exceptional mechanical strength and thermal stability. These are the essential attributes for enduring the harsh operating conditions encountered in power generation.

Resilient composition: We understand that carbon segmental rings form a crucial barrier against steam leakage and energy loss during the conversion of steam energy into mechanical power. With the precise fit and resilient composition of Krish Carbon’s Segmental rings by your side, inefficiency can be minimised, and turbine output is maximised, which ensures tight sealing. 

Erosion resistance: Krish Carbon’s expertise in material science and engineering allows them to tailor carbon segmental rings to meet these exact customer requirements, ensuring reliable operation and extended service life for steam turbines. The integration of Krish Carbon’s Segmental rings in steam turbines not only enhances performance but also reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

Sealing Rings

In the landscape of technical intricacies, Krish Carbon emerges as a beacon of innovation, pioneering advanced carbon seal rings engineered to exceed industry standards. Leveraging PTS technology in manufacturing and an in-depth understanding of the industry, Krish Carbon delivers products with higher performance and reliability.

High Thermal Stability: Our carbon seal rings are engineered to withstand high temperatures beyond conventional sealing materials that ensure optimal temperature even in crucial environments. Their exceptional heat resistance and durability characterise them. This superior resistance to heat resistance increases the lifespan of the seal rings and enhances the safety of coal mill operations.

Tight Gas Sealing: With tight tolerance, Krish Carbon’s seal rings ensure minimal gas leakage, enhancing the efficiency of coal mills. By improving the efficiency of coal-fired power plants, Krish Carbon plays a pivotal role in environmental sustainability and navigates the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and resilience.

Metal Clad Carbon Rings

Our Metal Clad Carbon Rings combine the resilience of carbon-graphite with the robustness of metal encasements, making them ideal for gap ring seals in high-speed applications where excessive heating and wear are concerns.

Material Composition: We create individually tailored graphite and carbon-graphite composites for optimal performance.

High Dimensional Stability and Dry-Running Capability: Our rings ensure reliable sealing even under the most challenging conditions.

Customised Expansion Coefficients: We engineer our rings to allow for the smallest possible gap between the shaft and seal ring, minimising leakage and enhancing efficiency.

At Krish Carbon, we are dedicated to delivering superior performance and reliability through our Carbon Segmented Rings and Metal Clad Carbon Rings. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring optimal functionality and long-term benefits across various industries.

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