Krish Carbon

KH24R Used in large volume mechanical seals and bearings. Made from resin impregnated carbon, allowing for precise sizing to meet specific requirements.
KH24A Ideal for mechanical seals and thrust bearings operating at high temperatures, including applications with steam joints. Features antimony impregnated carbon for enhanced thermal stability. Can be custom sized.
KH24AC Suitable for large volume mechanical seals and thrust bearings. Comprised of highly densified carbon to ensure durability. Custom sizing available.
KH369 Designed for wet operating bearings. Constructed from a carbon-graphite blend for optimal performance in moist environments.
KH369R Appropriate for mechanical seals and thrust bearings under high load conditions. Resin impregnated for added resilience and customisation in sizing.
KH369A Best for mechanical seals and thrust bearings facing high loads and high temperatures, including steam joints. Utilises antimony impregnated carbon for increased heat and wear resistance.
KH369AC Tailored for mechanical seals and thrust bearings under both high load and high temperature conditions. Made from highly densified carbon for superior strength and durability.
KH120 Used in vanes for dry running compressors and vacuum pumps. Features resin bonded graphite for reduced wear and extended operational life.
KH659AC Mechanical seals for severe load bearing conditions with superior wear properties at elevated temperatures Highly densified carbon
KH659A Mechanical seals for more severe load bearing conditions at higher temperatures Antimony impregnated
KE19 Seals and bearings for dry running Unimpregnated electrographite
KE19A Seals and bearings for highly loaded and dry running Antimony impregnated electrographite

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